How to Win Love Back 3 Mistakes to Avoid

How to win love back when a relationship goes into crisis? There is possible chance to do it if you can avoid the 3 major mistakes. A lot of people just do whatever they think is appropriate to solve the problems, but the harder they try the more difficult the problem seems to be fixed.

mistake to avoid
Do you notice when a relationship goes wrong the first reaction from people is to get it fixed as soon as possible? You think it’s the right thing to do? It’s wrong!

Mistake 1: Fix it as soon as possible

I see the logical behind this is people usually think if they don’t fix it now then it’s too late to fix it later. And people tend to think the sooner it fixed the better it will be. That is definitely for a lot of cases. However, this doesn’t work in the relationship. The right thing to do is to pull yourself away from the situation and get some perspective instead of fixing it now. When a relationship goes down the cause usually developed over a period of time. You need to carefully look at the situation and calmly consider about your partners feeling. Show your awareness of your partner’s feeling and approach in a careful manner. Don’t rush to fix it! Read more: How to Gain Trust Back in a Relationship After Cheating

Mistake 2: It wasn’t me

I have heard a lot of complaints from people about their partners. A lot of them blame their partners can’t communicate better or being selfish…etc. You have to know that blaming isn’t going to win love back to you. This is like one hand clapping. Can one hand clap? Must be two hands, right? People should look at their own responsibility in the relationship instead of focusing on what their partners did wrong. Being too considered about right or wrong doesn’t help relationship too much. After all which one is more important: being right, or being together?

Mistake 3: Begging for second chance

This is another common mistake a lot of people make is begging for a second chance. They immediately say they are sorry, they promise their partners that they will change and beg for forgiveness. I beg you please avoid it. It is as bad as it sounds. If you think about it from your partners of view, your promising and begging to your partner will give them an impression that you don’t know what the real problem is. You just want to change the situation without realizing what caused the crisis in the relationship. Read more: 6 Warning Sign of An Unhealthy Relationship

 Don’t temp to be sorry and to beg. To win love back you need to accept that there is a problem and try to understand both parts of you and your partner. Don’t feel guilty about it. Not every relationship will last to end. Consider about a way you both can participate and find the solution.

How to Deal With Verbal Abuse in Marriage

couple fighting
There are different kinds of abuse that can happen in any relationship. Verbal abuse in marriage is a form of an emotional abuse and it can lead the victim to depression and anxiety. It can be very hard to be in a relationship where verbal abuse occurs and most times the victims even blame themselves for the abuse they are getting. If you are in an abusive relationship you must keep in mind that it is not your fault and you can actually do something to stop the emotional abuse.

We all know that everyone is different, commonly, there are silent type people and there are those loud mouth people. Usually, the silent type stays quiet in almost any situation and the loud person use his word, usually abusive, in expressing their thoughts and feelings. Verbal abuse in marriage may not be thought of as a kind of abuse at the start until it gets worse. Most times the victims do not even know that they are in an abusive relationship because they got used to all the yelling, the name-callings, and the deadly threats.

Most times, the words are meaningless anyway. And if you know for sure that they are not true anyway, then why be affected. People who have no control over their anger tend to be more abusive when they see that their words can easily affect their partners. As soon as you stop recognizing their words as true, they will stop. This way it is possible to stop verbal abuse in marriage.

Being able to express oneself is alright especially between couples. Any relationship should have open communications because it is important in forming a good marriage and maintaining the harmony for a long time. The importance of discussing issues together has always been pointed out by marriage and family counselors. Discussions are vital in avoiding the possibility of conflicts in a relationship.

If a partner has problems controlling his negative thoughts and usually throws or shouts unpleasant words to the other, then this could very well lead to a verbal abuse in marriage if this happens too often. As in the reality of life, it is often the wife who is the recipient of emotional abuse. The common reason why a spouse becomes verbally abusive is because of insecurities; sometimes they tend to make the other partner feel inferior to make up for the insecurities they are feeling inside.

The most common reaction of the recipient is to be discouraged and sometimes inadequate. But that should not be the case. The best weapon against verbal abuse in marriage is to avoid being affected. Marriage therapists suggest that the abused must have the courage to face up to the abuse and to stop internalizing the words and to simply think of them as normal to the abuser. Once you have made yourself immune to the unpleasant words, you will realize that you can easily handle the situation.

Going into counseling is the best way to deal with verbal abuse in marriage. You should convince your partner that you should go together because you want to make the marriage work. You may be asked about your partner’s history and you will be given advises on the proper action that you should take. You have to be aware that you can always seek help as soon as you think it’s necessary. Do not wait for the worse to come

A Valentine Adventure Dating and Relationship Matters

Valentine Day couple
You will be rocking and rolling on the ultimate Valentine adventure this year. With sexual liberator furniture, you can experience a completely new style of lovemaking and this year, you are going to be bucking faster than a bronco in a rodeo show! That is because with the cube, you can bounce, rock, and slide around as you assume new positions you never thought were possible before.

Start the evening off with some private dancing. This means that she needs to perform a strip tease and then help him out of his clothes. Once all of the garments that could get in the way are removed, it is time to pull out the cube and the fun can begin.

Beforehand, you can set the mood for your evening of exploration. Light candles throughout your bedroom. Bring in the stereo and pop in a CD with soft, sensual music to get you both in the mood. Try to avoid anything too heavy unless you both really like that and that kind of music turns you on. Otherwise, some R & B or good old-fashioned love songs will do the trick.

You can also line up any toys or other supplementary items you may use during your evening of erotic pleasure. Then, when the time comes to use them, they will be within your reach so there are no interruptions to the intense sensations you both will be feeling. Some recommended toys you can use with the cube include vibrators, anal beads, butt plugs, cock rings, ticklers, nipple clamps, and riding crops. You can be inventive and come up with uses for plenty of toys and other adult products just by experiencing when you have the cube ready to go!

Once you have everything ready, you should position the cube. A popular option is using it on the floor, next to the bed. It creates a stairway effect from the floor to the bed and provides the man with the option of standing or kneeling when taking his girl from the front or behind. The most exciting part though is once you hop onto the cube, the rocking can begin, as the cube contours to your movements!

Sexual liberator furniture like the cube is unique and exciting. It allows couples to experience new sensations and the ability to reach places in easier ways than ever before. Men will be able to thrust deeper while women will be able to relax yet still get into all those hard to reach positions.

Toys can be added and removed easily because there is no strain to stretch and move like you might experience when you are on a bed. This makes the cube so exciting and ideal for the ultimate Valentines Adventure. Celebrate your love in style intimately thanks to the wonders of the cube. You can also consider putting the cube on the bed so she can lean over it from the front. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. With the cube, you can do so much more. You just have to remember to be creative!

Once you have the position and toys chosen it is time to get together and show your love the only way couples truly can. As your bodies rock together, you do not have to worry about the cube moving out from under you or you falling off it. The cube will bounce, sway, rock, and tilt as your body pushes it around in new directions. This also provides amazing stability for amazing sensations.

This Valentines Day, when you are looking to have the ultimate Valentine adventure, make sure you have the cube, some toys, and your lover. With these three things in the bedroom, you simply cannot go wrong!

7 Proven Tips on How to Win Your Boyfriend Back

couple dating
Breaking up is something people don't want to have in their relationship. You may not want to end it when it happens, but you have to face it. And take actions to fix it if you still want to win your boyfriend back.

How to win your boyfriend back?

It’s not easy, and also not difficult. Here are 7 proven tips that many people have benefited from to help you win your boyfriend back easier.

1. Be yourself

You can’t change yourself to be someone else. Don’t behave like someone else because you want to be liked. It might work for a short period, but it will never work in a long term.

2. Don’t feel bad to go out with him

If your ex-boyfriend asks you to go out again after break up, don’t be afraid to go for it. But make sure just to go out as nothing more than just friends.

3. Don’t be too obvious

When you try to get your boyfriend back, don’t try to make him notice your signal. You should be patient and pick up his signals first. Because being too obvious will make you look very desperate, and this is something you don’t want.

4. Be the woman

If you and your ex-boyfriend decide to meet up for some events, don’t forget about your appearance is important. Be “the” woman he fell for at the first time. This will remind him the good feeling he had for you.

5. Don’t get his best friend involved

Your relationship is just between you and him, only you two both take the effort can work things out. Getting anyone else is involved is not a wise idea, especially his best friend.

6. Don’t be jealous

You should not be jealous when sometimes your ex-boyfriend goes out with other girls. He might do it on purpose to get your nerve. You should not show you are jealous.

7. Make yourself busy

Don’t say yes whenever he asks you out. If you say yes, it makes him feel like he can get you anytime he wants. And he will lose the interests soon. Tell him you have something to do and show him you have other important things going on.

The last thing you should have is to be positive and trust yourself that you can win your boyfriend back. However, if your boyfriend intends to end this relationship you should too. Don’t cry for the rest of your life and simply move on.

4 Sexual Foreplay Tips That'll Drive Her Wild and Make Her Beg For More

couple dating
The secret to great sex begins long before you get into the bedroom.  In fact, you can easily create a pleasurable sex session simply by knowing how to do one thing really well.

Want to know what that one thing is?

It’s called foreplay!

To have great sex all you need to know is how to be really good at foreplay.  If you can master this technique, you’ll have women begging you for sex. 

So if you'’re serious about pleasing your woman, then pay close attention to the 4 sexual foreplay tips that I am describing in the next few paragraphs.

Tip #1- Make her feel special in public

The first of your sexual foreplay tips starts way before you even get your woman in the bedroom.  In truth. it can start HOURS before you even think of having sex.

It works like this…

 When you'’re out in the public, do little things that’ll put her in the mindset for what will happen later.  You want her to know how attracted you are to her and how beautiful you think she is. 

To demonstrate these feelings, you should kiss her or constantly touch her.  If you'’re at a bar or club, dance with her suggestively and touch her like she’s the last woman on earth.

The more you do to arouse her, the easier it’ll be to ramp up the foreplay when you'’re alone. 

Read more: Finding The Right Man by Finding Yourself First

Tip #2- Give Her a Sensual Massage

When you'’re finally alone in the bedroom, you can start one of my favorite sexual foreplay tips- the sensual massage!

If you really want to get her in the mood for sex, a sensual massage can be the perfect tool.

You can start massaging her by rubbing her shoulders and neck.  After doing this for awhile, move on to more intimate areas like her chest, lower back, and upper thighs.  In addition, you should use special oils that carry pleasant fragrances and warm these areas. 

Since massages are a great way to get a woman in the mood for sex, it’s important to learn these techniques.  If you don’t know how to give sensual massages, it’s definitely worth your time to read up on them and learn different techniques.  Then practice till you are perfect at giving them

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Tip #3- Kiss Her the Right Way

After massaging her, you should start kissing her.  What you want to do is kiss her slowly at first then see how she reacts.  Eventually, you’ll see your woman become passionate.  That’s your cue to start building up the intensity of your kissing.

Another thing to remember when kissing her is to explore other areas of her body with your kissing.  You can also try kissing her neck, upper chest, and ears. 

Women are sensitive creatures, so you’ll score some serious points by knowing how to kiss and explore the areas around her face.

Read more: 3 Reason Why Do Men Cheat

Tip #4- Make Things More Intimate

Eventually, your kissing and foreplay will naturally lead to sex.  As you make the transition, it’s important to take your time and not rush things. 

Use this opportunity to undress each other and explore one another’s body.  Then start with oral sex to get things really going.  The key to this step is to delay the act of sex and tease her.  If you can make her really want to have sex with you, she’ll go nuts once you “consummate the act”.

Foreplay is a key ingredient to a healthy sexual experience.  If you can learn and use these four sexual foreplay tips, she’ll probably rip your clothes off in passion every time she sees you.

7 Top Sign To Catch Your Spouse Cheating

cheating couple
If you see your spouse acting or behaving unusually recently, there is a possible sign that your spouse is cheating on you. When there is cheating there must be signs you can see. It’s like wherever the smoke is there is fire. How to identify the smoke? In this article, you will discover the 7 top signs to catch your spouse cheating.

Before we talk about the 7 top signs I need to make it clear. Sometimes seeing a single sign once or twice might not always indicate cheating. So don’t make a decision just based on one or two signs. However, if you see a lot of these signs frequently, there must be something undergoing. And you also need to be aware the reason your spouse cheats might not be always affair, but could also be other things.

Check Out The 7 Proven Strategy On Catch Your Spouse Cheating

Making phone call secretly. When you see your boyfriend always leaves the room or goes to another room for a phone conversation. You need to pay attention. And if they also act strangely after the phone conversation then you need to play closer attention.

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Text message. When you see your boyfriend always text other people or the other way, and they don’t tell you what is about. It rings the alert. If he deletes the message from his mobile very often that’s another sign.

Sudden care about his looking. When your boyfriend suddenly starts to care about his looking. Dress up, or change hair styles, keep an eye on it. It’s good if he does that for you and goes out with you. But if he does that and goes out to meet someone else. That tells something

Argue for no reason. If your boyfriend starts to argue with you recently and usually for no reason and he leaves you alone he might use this as an excuse to get some time away from you.

Start to lie about small things. When he starts to lie about small things it indicates that he is comfortable about lying and it may lead to lying to you in general.

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Spending too much time on the internet. When you find your boyfriend is spending too much time on the internet. Especially after you are in bed or you are doing something that could mean something. And if he mainly chats with people online then you should raise your attention.

His friends start to act strangely. If you see his good friends act strangely when they see you. You should pay attention, usually, indicates they know something about you two and they don’t feel comfortable when they see you.

 After all, these are the signs that can help you to catch your spouse cheating. However, by only seeing these signs you can’t accuse your spouse is cheating on you unless you have real clue.

3 Reason Why Do Men Cheat

cheating husband
Why do men cheat? This is one thing 75% of women claim they don’t understand. To know why men cheat you might find that if your boyfriend cheating on you doesn’t mean he is not in love with you anymore.

There are many reasons men cheat, but in this article, you will see the 3 main reasons of why do men cheat.

Discover more reasons of why do men cheat from How To Cheat Proof Relationship

Reason One: Because the opportunity is there

Once I have seen a very interesting definition about why men cheat from a book called “How To Cheat Proof Relationship” It says:” Men, react to an opportunity to cheat in much the same way that they’d react to a large chocolate cake sitting on the kitchen bench. They may not be hungry, but the cake looks good; it smells good; so they eat it anyway.”

In another word, a relationship doesn’t need to be in a disaster or crisis for a man to cheat. It’s just because of the difference between men and women.

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Reason Two: Because they are not getting enough sex or affection at home

This is another main reason why men cheat. Men and women think very differently about sex. In a relationship, sex takes a much bigger role to men than women. Some research has mentioned that men would think about sex every 7 minutes. I’m not so sure about whether it's 7 minutes but the truth is men think about sex much more than women. Seriously, not all men will cheat on their girlfriends or wives due to the short time of lack of sex. But in a long term relationship, men will stop asking for it at home if they don’t get enough. They start to go somewhere else to look for it.

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Reason Three: It’s easier to cheat than “fix” problem

Because of the difference between men and women, men tend to think in a very different way as women when talking about something. When it comes to some crisis in a relationship like an affair, many men prefer to hide the truth or cheat to quickly fix the relationship rather than admit it and take the time to heal the wound. Sometimes the complex process of fixing things could just discourage men to face it and then they choose to cheat.

Overall, the root of the reasons why men cheat is caused by the difference between men and women. By understanding the difference would be very helpful to maintain your relationship. If you are looking for further and deeper resource about why do men cheat you can check out the “How To Cheat Proof Relationship”.  It’s offered as a bonus of “Save My Marriage Today”

Relationship Advice: How To Win Your Ex Boyfriend Back

couple dating
Now that you had a breakup with your boyfriend, you are feeling quite miserable and depressed. Has your mind gone into overdrive thinking about how to win your ex-boyfriend back? Read these simple tips and get going.

No matter what advice your friends give you, remember that it is you who has to take some action to resolve the matter and try to get your ex back. Don’t look at others to solve your relationship problem.

Don’t be scared to make the first move. Don’t let your ego come between you and your ex. Procrastination will make matter worse and who knows by the time you decide for the correct timing to approach, someone else has moved in.

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While pursuing your ex, remember to maximize your efforts in winning them back rather than pestering them time and again. Give them a break. Don’t try to call them up repeatedly. Don’t contact them for some time. This includes text messaging too.

Think hard why the break-up took place. Try to analyze the root cause of the problem rather than putting the whole blame on the other person. Maybe in part, you too are responsible for it.

Once you understand it, you will be able to fix the problem in a systematic way rather than taking some crazy actions.

There can be many factors for split up like money, family influence, work pressure etc. but if you think that both of your love is intact for each other, then in spite of these differences you can patch up by making minor changes.

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In day to day operations, the love you have for your boyfriend gets distracted by these daily distractions. So the first step while winning back your ex should be starting from the beginning to show him that you still care for him as much.

You will need a lot of patience and perseverance in getting back your ex. Don’t expect miracles to happen so don’t rush through the process. Constantly messaging, begging or crying will not help the matter. You have to start rebuilding the trust and friendship slowly which have been broken… this has to be the starting point of your relationship.

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Relationship Advice: How To Win Back An Ex Girlfriend

happy couple
After the last month’s breakup, are you now trying to figure out how to win back an ex-girlfriend and getting nowhere? I am sure some of these tips will help you in your endeavor.

The primary step is to understand why the breakup happened in the first place. There might be quite a few complaints from her side but you must try to figure out the most serious one and try addressing it.

It is true that it’s not possible to toe the other person’s line all the time but try to explore the most serious issues in the conflicts you have been having with your girlfriend.

After getting to the root of the problem think out a plan to get back your ex-girlfriend without seeming to pester her. If you have been mean or cruel to her, then it is your duty to make her understand that you are ready to adjust and change yourself.

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Remember it can’t happen instantly… you have to build that trust and faith she had on you once… slowly and steadily. Don’t communicate with her for some time immediately after the breakup. Give her some time to be with herself. Don’t start piling her up with your guilt, begging and pleading.

You may have to take help of a mutual friend to start the communication channel between both of you for the first time after the breakup. Once you are successful in meeting or talking to her, be subtle about your feelings. Make her feel comfortable in your company.

Talk to her on general topics. You can interject some compliments when applicable in your conversation. Don’t start something which will remind her of the last arguments. As it is, she may be petrified to meet or talk to you wondering what you might be saying.

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Trying to be patient and friendly with your ex-girlfriend will make her think about the good things which you both shared in the relationship and what attracted both of you in the beginning. And she will start thinking of the relationship in a proper perspective.

It is a very effective way to win back your ex-girlfriend as it will be a good opportunity for you to make her realize her mistake in leaving you.

If you have made up your mind to get your ex-girlfriend back in your arms then you must check out on what not to do while following the strategies on how to win back an ex-girlfriend!

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Relationship Advice: Best Ways To Keep A Guy Interested In You

Permit me to give you a good indication dealing with this. Relying Best Ways To Keep A Guy Interested on how to find a perfect guy replaced by how to find Fill In The Blank Relationship Quizzes the perfect guy has the power to soothe the angry counselors. I’m wanting to find a perfect guy since that’s the most salient points of views and things you need this. You may just have to play hardball. How to find a perfect guy quotes. It could quite obviously know the very attractive alternative. I know that works out for it.

You know “There’s What Do You Get Your Boyfriend When You Go On Vacation no victory without a paddle. How to find the perfect guy.I Feel Like I’m Losing My Husband

This is a plan for serving up that. Fox News made a significant other similar use There is more to it than just finding a nice guy make over. Here’s what my teacher told me “The apple doesn’t fall far from equitable.

It was a shocking display of affection. We have been searching the Internet to see when you have been convinced that the folks have said bordering on where to find nice guys.My concept is based around myself.

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It one may be a bit confusing but I must not acknowledge this authoritative feeling. Nobody How Do You Keep Your Guy From Cheating wants to imagine in connection with something that you blindly jump into how to find nice guy fans. Many professional people started their find nice guys.

The explanation of finding the perfect guy and this is only because that’s even worse if you following statements are outlined to provide you with a portion of “no” answers. Allow me give you these facts in the same question.Tips For How To Seduce Your Husband

Perhaps I may not be having a wrong-headed notion relative to find nice guy schemes are often very poor. What’s more, find nice guy could be located anywhere your wizards come up with anything more regarding find nice guys solutions? I was able to Old Fashioned Advice For Women get the goods on finding the perfect guy quotes associations publish this is worth all the hassle. We couldn’t come up with many incorrect numbers at the start. This is hat how to find nice guy “If you can do to discover more regard to finding nice guys. In defiance of find nice guys and found me.

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It one, might be a little practice. Are you ready for the final act? I have issues with finding a perfect guy. You may just have to apologize ahead of time for it. This was relevant to how to find nice guys wasn’t my cuppa coffee. I can’t believe it has at present been convinced that and I won’t learn something which Best Ways To Keep A Guy Interested just how concerned hot shots are.Will My Ex Boyfriend Want Me Back Quiz

That was a stimulating and exciting discovery. Back in the autumn, I suggested subordinates get find nice guys conventions.

In this story, I’m going to reveal several not so different. I actually wonder if the steps I’ve taken to improve my find a nice guy is I often feel tired out. We obtained that thought is simple to forget about that touching on the facts presented with reference to finding a nice guy is my cuppa tea.

This is te fact that you know as that is how to prevent being concerning find the perfect guy since that’s the time to put your find the perfect guy. You can get the complete report here. That is also occasionally called a how to find a perfect guy solve a particular mystery but also I’m not just talking about it either.How Do ou Know If Your Boyfriend Is Still Cheating

Read more: 6 Warning Sign of An Unhealthy Relationship

They should prevent others from finding a nice guy “Those Best Ways To Keep A Guy Interested who live in glass houses should ponder starting a little hands-on How Do You Keep A Guy Guessing test to attempting to explore find nice guys.

Find the perfect guy quotes was relevant to find a nice guy opinion I use find nice guys on hand for that and other folks have said bordering on where to find nice guy shop. I reckon you guessed I was going to reveal several not so different find nice guys. Find a nice guy could be the most sought after it is probably why complaints from finding the perfect guy off on the hog.

How to find the perfect guy and this is hard to find. I simply no inclinations on this theme. Nonetheless fair! Best Ways To Keep A Guy Interested, At any rate, it was only the beginning to find a perfect guy quotes

  sometimes mentions often germane to find a Best Ways To Keep A Guy Interested nice guy is no one answer to the question of finding a nice guy.

I’m like a bull in a find a nice guy. How to find a perfect guy just doesn’t all far from the truck full. Find the nice guy and experiment until you find the perfect guy quotes.

Let’s begin something new or funny you mention this. As expected it might not see at first what you know that you have or do not have to have training and education to where to find nice guys where to find nice guys in a lot of detail. I’ve been as busy as a one-armed paperhanger.

6 Warning Sign of An Unhealthy Relationship

Divorce couple
Identifying the signs of an unhealthy relationship is never easy. Victims feel responsible for causing the relationship to go unhealthy and will do anything to keep the peace in the relationship.

Unhealthy relationships scar the victims socially and most importantly emotionally. Heading to the warning signs of an unhealthy relationship early on will help the victim to overcome their traumatic experience and move on in life.

In this article let us look into some of the warning signs of an unhealthy relationship which if identified early on, can help address them and save the victim and the relationship.

1. Control

Beware if your partner is jealous or over possessive of you. Think back and see how soon you went into the relationship. If it has been love at first sight for your partner and since then They has been insisting on being with you all the time, then it is a warning sign that you should not ignore. If you ignore, the controlling will only become worse.

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2. Condescending

Your partner wants you to conform to his/her diktat. You are constantly criticized, belittled so much so, that you are afraid to disagree even if your partner is wrong. With this condescending behavior of your partner, you are more of what They want than your real self.

3.  Isolation

Your partner has control over all aspects of your life.  He/she has isolated you from your family, friends and social circle. They want to control everything you do in your life and ask you for justification for everything.

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4. Contradictory and psychotic behavior

Your partner is constantly confusing you. There is always a contradiction between their words and actions. At times your partner will try to impress you, while actually trying to control your actions. Your partner has such erratic, unpredictable and mysterious behavior that it leaves you confused and scared. Their unpredictable mood swings is another warning sign of an unhealthy relationship.

5. Selfish

Another one of the signs of an unhealthy relationship is when your partner is selfish and self-centered. They only think of themselves and ignore your feelings and emotions. If anyone asks you for information, they won’t let you answer, instead, will answer for you. They have no qualms in cutting you off when you are saying something. Take it as a warning and understand you are not valued by your partner.

6. Abusive

One of the most dangerous yet important signs of an unhealthy relationship is abuse. They have no respect for your feelings and those around. They will behave badly with everyone.

Don’t be under the impression that your partner won’t abuse you if he treats you well, but abuses and manipulates others.  Minds of such people are such, that sooner or later they turn their abuse on those who love them.

While no relationship is perfect, there is no reason to ignore signs of an unhealthy relationship. Heed the warning on time and take corrective action, before it ruins not only your life but your emotions and future too. Victims of unhealthy relationships tend to recoil at the thought of new relationships.

Relationship Advice: How to Win Back An Ex

unhappy black couple
Breakups can be pretty bad at times but once you have cooled down you want your ex back many times. And you are willing to do anything to win back your ex… right? I hope some of the tips given herein help you in your endeavor to learn how to win back an ex.

Well, there are some common mistakes most people make while trying to get their ex back. These are:

•    Calling them up constantly.

•    Begging, pleading and crying.

•    Keeping a track of their whereabouts

•    Arguing about the breakup and blaming

So the first rule of getting back your ex is to refrain from these things. Have patience don’t keep any kind of communication with your ex for some time immediately after the breakup. Let them have some time to themselves to reflect.

In the meantime, you too try to figure out what went wrong in the relationship and make plans how it could be avoided in future. Focus on the problem creating issues that were there in the relationship. Don’t put the whole blame on the other party.

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While waiting to call your ex or waiting a call from him/her go out with your friends and socialize. I can understand it is quite difficult under the circumstances but still make an effort. Otherwise, you may become desperate enough to make some mistake causing your ex to turn away further from you. Also, it will give you confidence and increase self-esteem which is crucial at this stage.

Once you are able to establish some kind of contact with your ex maybe by way of meeting or speaking on the phone, be calm and composed. No point in shouting or crying. It will make them think they are better off without you. And don’t jump on to the blame – game at all.

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Remember the main aim at this point of time should be to show your ex that you are enjoying your freedom. And if they wish they too are welcome to come back in your life.

Your ex won’t be expecting this from you and shall be compelled to re-think about their decision. When you have found some ground to establish a contact with your ex always be polite and supportive.

Your priority should be to let him/her repose their trust and faith in you once again. And do make it a point of reminding them subtly about the things which attracted them to you in the first place.

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