How to Win Love Back 3 Mistakes to Avoid

How to win love back when a relationship goes into crisis? There is possible chance to do it if you can avoid the 3 major mistakes. A lot of people just do whatever they think is appropriate to solve the problems, but the harder they try the more difficult the problem seems to be fixed.

mistake to avoid
Do you notice when a relationship goes wrong the first reaction from people is to get it fixed as soon as possible? You think it’s the right thing to do? It’s wrong!

Mistake 1: Fix it as soon as possible

I see the logical behind this is people usually think if they don’t fix it now then it’s too late to fix it later. And people tend to think the sooner it fixed the better it will be. That is definitely for a lot of cases. However, this doesn’t work in the relationship. The right thing to do is to pull yourself away from the situation and get some perspective instead of fixing it now. When a relationship goes down the cause usually developed over a period of time. You need to carefully look at the situation and calmly consider about your partners feeling. Show your awareness of your partner’s feeling and approach in a careful manner. Don’t rush to fix it! Read more: How to Gain Trust Back in a Relationship After Cheating

Mistake 2: It wasn’t me

I have heard a lot of complaints from people about their partners. A lot of them blame their partners can’t communicate better or being selfish…etc. You have to know that blaming isn’t going to win love back to you. This is like one hand clapping. Can one hand clap? Must be two hands, right? People should look at their own responsibility in the relationship instead of focusing on what their partners did wrong. Being too considered about right or wrong doesn’t help relationship too much. After all which one is more important: being right, or being together?

Mistake 3: Begging for second chance

This is another common mistake a lot of people make is begging for a second chance. They immediately say they are sorry, they promise their partners that they will change and beg for forgiveness. I beg you please avoid it. It is as bad as it sounds. If you think about it from your partners of view, your promising and begging to your partner will give them an impression that you don’t know what the real problem is. You just want to change the situation without realizing what caused the crisis in the relationship. Read more: 6 Warning Sign of An Unhealthy Relationship

 Don’t temp to be sorry and to beg. To win love back you need to accept that there is a problem and try to understand both parts of you and your partner. Don’t feel guilty about it. Not every relationship will last to end. Consider about a way you both can participate and find the solution.

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