9 Mistakes Singles and Newly-Couples Need To Avoid!

9 Mistakes Singles and Newly-Couples Need To Avoid!
If you're just about to get married or recently got married,  Newly couple are like contemporary students who simply  just got admission into a university. At first, you're feeling thus happy that you just have gotten the admission which you've got arrived. however once the courses starts, seminars and the assignments keep rolling in. you then tend to dislike the university and can’t wait to graduate. a similar applies to wedding.

The journey of marital life may be seriously rosy as partners are certain to make a mistakes although they’ve committed to one and other. Understanding these mistakes made by newly couple can afford you the chance of avoiding them if you intend on getting married soon. Marriage is the best among the union ever as a result of it's based tolerance, sacrifice, understanding, trust. Below are some evitable  mistakes made by newly couple and tips about the way to overcome them.

1. Failing to Plan for Life after Wedding

Most of the couples get carried away by the wedding plans and other alternative events attached to the wedding that they forget that everything is just only for  one day. Some even place all their resources on the marriage forgetting that married life starts when the wedding fun is over. Now after the wedding, When the wedding is over time for  tolerance one another and arrange your family. Couples must always plan for lives all the times even before the marriage as a result of couples that fail to plan, plan to fail. although make your wedding an unforgettable one however don't commit all of your resources for the wedding.

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2. Not Understanding What Marriage Is

Some couples do not really understand what marriage is all about and walk into it as If to suppose that marriage is a bed of roses or an avenue to relish one another. Marriage is bigger from it. Though, there would be time for enjoyment however there are also an hardship that couples got to endure. Several couples rush into and later rushed out from it. The ability of the couples to be able to overcome hardship and challenges are what helps in solidification marital relationship. Before you jump into marriage, Seek advice from oldsters or associate professional because the case may be to understand the type of life you're close to get into.

3. Trying to Change your Spouse

This is another mistakes made by couples as they suppose marriage can automatically amendment the character of your partner. Change is the somethings that's constant and it takes time to happen. You married him or her due to love, thus offer that love an opportunity to reign within the marriage. Love is sacrifice. Accept the person your partner is and give him or her time for improvement. Making an attempt to change the character of your partner immediately could hurt his or her feelings and cause damage to your marriage.

4. Rushing into Having Children

Children are stunning gifts from God and having them shows the fruitfulness of the marriage. The matter here is that almost all couples simply rush into having children while not giving themselves enough time to be married to one another. Relish and spoil yourselves for some times and plan for the children as a result of once they come, focus and attention will be shifted from your partner to your children. They become priority that you can't hide from. So, make merry with yourselves and choose along once it’s best to time to have your own children.

5. Not Being on a similar Page along with your In-laws

According to African homes, not getting along with your in-laws before and after the wedding may send an incorrect message to the family of the bride or groom. If there is damage, be the first to extend the hands of peace as a result of the one who gets all the insults and blame is your partner.

6. Acting like You are Still Single

The immediately you were pronounced husband and wife at the altar, that signalled end of being single. The parties and hanging out with friends happened once you were single ought to either be decreased or stopped as you currently have a responsibility to make. As a married person, there are behaviours that ought to be stopped that aren't any longer acceptable. Always put your partner initial before any other thing. Learn to try and do what's right thus to take your marriage to next level.

7. Avoiding vital discussions

No matter how couples try and shy away from vital issues, they solely can’t shy away from them. Issue like how to handle money, time to having a children, planning for their own and children’s future also the way to prepare for the unthinkable issues if arise, i.e death or deformities are paramount. All these are what shapes a marriage and should be dealt with. Discuss these issue along with your partner and seek advice if required.

8. Allowing Pride into the Relationship

Not all arguments may be won by husband or wife and taking responsibility and blame for a slip, shows sign of maturity. Remember, Pride are some things that's in every human however the power to let alone is vital to a victorious marriage. Let not husband say, once i'm still the head of these family, everything have to do according to my wish or the wife “since i'm your wife, These is your responsibility. Pride has destroyed several relationships. you need to permit yourself to urge softer and take responsibility for your deed.

9. Making lone decisions without consulting your spouse.

In decision making some couples are forget that two heads are better than one. perhaps once you were single, you have the opportunity of making a choices of decision. Currently you're married, those choices aren't for you alone to make. Taking a decision alone will put asunder on a marriage as most of these decisions have an effect on the partners. It's best you are taking decision along together to understanding on the way to go about some specific issue.

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