How to be more approachable to a guys without appearing easy

How to be more approachable to a guys without appearing easy
Do you ever desire to get lot of attention from the guys around you, particularly after you walk into a new places or a popular hangout and see a cute guy who’s undoubtedly catch your view?

Here are the things you’ve to put on your mind to win an edge over the rest of the ladies that are around you, and catch the guy attention.

#1 Look good! As shallow as this could sound, this can be as straightforward because it can easily get to a guy. Approaching a lady is all about initial appearances. once a man walks into a room, it takes him a few moment to make up his mind on whether to or not to approach a lady.
If you dress up well and appearance smart, it simply makes everything all easier for you!

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#2 Don’t seem occupied. Don’t be too engrossed along with your phone, a book or other thing else. You may be bored and making an attempt to keep yourself busy, however by doing that it will make the guy that want to approach you to stay back, thinking you might have too busy to be interested in having a conversation with him.
Are you out of his league?

Now this goes against the first tips on good looking, however looking too good may draw back some guy from approaching you! If you’re a stunner so gorgeous, all men around you'll drool at you or attempt to sneak glances at you all the time, however most guys would feel too intimidated to approach you.

There are something that gys fear most when approaching a ladies, it’s the fear of rejection, humiliation or worse! Most guys will assume you’re above of their league and they’re not worthy of your attention. If you look too gorgeous, you’ll scare most guys away

But then once again, on the opposite side, the guys that have the courage to walk up to you feel they are worthy to approach you. The Achievers and the players!*.

If you actually need to catch the attention of a guy who is simply too afraid to approach you, attempt being friendly and warm at the people around you.
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