Love, How to find true love

Love, How to find true love
Love is a Feelings of togetherness and belonginess also a Sense of intimacy and Security, Love is a cross of feelings that each person carries itself for their loved ones.  It develops a sense of security amongst the couple which are into it; it’s the vibes of their loved make them feel so just like On TOP OF THE WORLD.

Love cannot be purchased, exchanged or asked, it just happened. You cannot beg for it nor ask the cupid to aim its target to your desired one. It’s Unconditional.  It’s an intense feeling which comes from inside your heart and makes you sunk into it. Some thinks Love is Friendship, others feels it’s just Lust where as some found it’s just a “Luck” which use to Happen with the Fortunate each one has a different aspect for it depending on the experience related to it.

In Love the couple feels very much separated from the throng.  They used to found their world in their loved ones only without concerning about the others. This is reason only that why love creates war amongst family, religion, countries. No Boundaries can stop the immense flow of strong waves of love.Today everyone is envy about love and because of this only the percentage of love marriages is hiked too much from the earlier one. Its love only which makes a Captivating Smile on Everyone’s Face. It cannot be right to say that love usually used to happen between the couples, the bond between the brother and sister is love, the rage of father towards his son for his good is love, the taunting between the best buddies is love and the everlasting care of mother towards his child is all about love.

Love can happen in any stage of life either at teen time or later. Just depend on finding the right soul mate.Now after all this the question which definitely come's out of mind is Why Love Hurts Then? And the Simple answer is, it’s not love which hurts; it’s the rejection which hurts, the separation, the emptiness. Love never makes anyone low rather than it’s always brings the sense of joy to each life. If someone sacrifices anything then it’s also have some sweet and sour taste memories related to it.

In Conclusion:-Strength can be achieved through Love And the Courage can be gained by Loved someone.
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