Relationship Advice: How to Make Your Ex Want You Back

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Is it out of the question for your ex to want you back?  No way!  What is important is what you do in order to learn “how to make your ex want you back“… that is what really counts.

Think back to a time when you and your ex had a good thing going.  Can you think of specific things you would do together that would really bring joy to the two of you?  Are you able to see the happiness on their face when you think back to a time when you were together and things were good?

You’ll want to re-create those times as closely as you can and you’ll know how to make your ex want you back.

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It’s no fun to find yourself on the lonely end of a relationship and there are advice columns and self-help books that you can turn to.  The bottom line is, when you want one thing, you have to learn how to get it back.

So, where do you turn?  Here’s the best part: you already have all the answers in your memory.  Remember the good times and make them happen again. Be completely honest with yourself and with your ex. Be ready to make some changes. Be ready to ask for what you want. Have faith that your ex will be back. Take care of yourself, in the meantime.

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I think the last suggestion is one of the hardest to follow.  It’s so easy to wallow in a pool of self-pity when we realize we are alone.  There are often thoughts of not being good enough, or not deserving any happiness and these have to be overcome.  If you are going through those feelings, and it is more than likely that you are, you need to push past them.

Maybe that sounds easier than it is, but the truth is, if you want your ex to want you back, you have to be an object of desire in their eyes.  Who would want to spend time with someone who spends their days lying on the couch, surrounded by ice cream containers and candy bars?  Motivate yourself to be the person you ex once knew.  Be the person you were when they loved you.  Don’t settle for anything less.
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