4 Sexual Foreplay Tips That'll Drive Her Wild and Make Her Beg For More

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The secret to great sex begins long before you get into the bedroom.  In fact, you can easily create a pleasurable sex session simply by knowing how to do one thing really well.

Want to know what that one thing is?

It’s called foreplay!

To have great sex all you need to know is how to be really good at foreplay.  If you can master this technique, you’ll have women begging you for sex. 

So if you'’re serious about pleasing your woman, then pay close attention to the 4 sexual foreplay tips that I am describing in the next few paragraphs.

Tip #1- Make her feel special in public

The first of your sexual foreplay tips starts way before you even get your woman in the bedroom.  In truth. it can start HOURS before you even think of having sex.

It works like this…

 When you'’re out in the public, do little things that’ll put her in the mindset for what will happen later.  You want her to know how attracted you are to her and how beautiful you think she is. 

To demonstrate these feelings, you should kiss her or constantly touch her.  If you'’re at a bar or club, dance with her suggestively and touch her like she’s the last woman on earth.

The more you do to arouse her, the easier it’ll be to ramp up the foreplay when you'’re alone. 

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Tip #2- Give Her a Sensual Massage

When you'’re finally alone in the bedroom, you can start one of my favorite sexual foreplay tips- the sensual massage!

If you really want to get her in the mood for sex, a sensual massage can be the perfect tool.

You can start massaging her by rubbing her shoulders and neck.  After doing this for awhile, move on to more intimate areas like her chest, lower back, and upper thighs.  In addition, you should use special oils that carry pleasant fragrances and warm these areas. 

Since massages are a great way to get a woman in the mood for sex, it’s important to learn these techniques.  If you don’t know how to give sensual massages, it’s definitely worth your time to read up on them and learn different techniques.  Then practice till you are perfect at giving them

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Tip #3- Kiss Her the Right Way

After massaging her, you should start kissing her.  What you want to do is kiss her slowly at first then see how she reacts.  Eventually, you’ll see your woman become passionate.  That’s your cue to start building up the intensity of your kissing.

Another thing to remember when kissing her is to explore other areas of her body with your kissing.  You can also try kissing her neck, upper chest, and ears. 

Women are sensitive creatures, so you’ll score some serious points by knowing how to kiss and explore the areas around her face.

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Tip #4- Make Things More Intimate

Eventually, your kissing and foreplay will naturally lead to sex.  As you make the transition, it’s important to take your time and not rush things. 

Use this opportunity to undress each other and explore one another’s body.  Then start with oral sex to get things really going.  The key to this step is to delay the act of sex and tease her.  If you can make her really want to have sex with you, she’ll go nuts once you “consummate the act”.

Foreplay is a key ingredient to a healthy sexual experience.  If you can learn and use these four sexual foreplay tips, she’ll probably rip your clothes off in passion every time she sees you.
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