7 Proven Tips on How to Win Your Boyfriend Back

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Breaking up is something people don't want to have in their relationship. You may not want to end it when it happens, but you have to face it. And take actions to fix it if you still want to win your boyfriend back.

How to win your boyfriend back?

It’s not easy, and also not difficult. Here are 7 proven tips that many people have benefited from to help you win your boyfriend back easier.

1. Be yourself

You can’t change yourself to be someone else. Don’t behave like someone else because you want to be liked. It might work for a short period, but it will never work in a long term.

2. Don’t feel bad to go out with him

If your ex-boyfriend asks you to go out again after break up, don’t be afraid to go for it. But make sure just to go out as nothing more than just friends.

3. Don’t be too obvious

When you try to get your boyfriend back, don’t try to make him notice your signal. You should be patient and pick up his signals first. Because being too obvious will make you look very desperate, and this is something you don’t want.

4. Be the woman

If you and your ex-boyfriend decide to meet up for some events, don’t forget about your appearance is important. Be “the” woman he fell for at the first time. This will remind him the good feeling he had for you.

5. Don’t get his best friend involved

Your relationship is just between you and him, only you two both take the effort can work things out. Getting anyone else is involved is not a wise idea, especially his best friend.

6. Don’t be jealous

You should not be jealous when sometimes your ex-boyfriend goes out with other girls. He might do it on purpose to get your nerve. You should not show you are jealous.

7. Make yourself busy

Don’t say yes whenever he asks you out. If you say yes, it makes him feel like he can get you anytime he wants. And he will lose the interests soon. Tell him you have something to do and show him you have other important things going on.

The last thing you should have is to be positive and trust yourself that you can win your boyfriend back. However, if your boyfriend intends to end this relationship you should too. Don’t cry for the rest of your life and simply move on.
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