How to Deal With Verbal Abuse in Marriage

couple fighting
There are different kinds of abuse that can happen in any relationship. Verbal abuse in marriage is a form of an emotional abuse and it can lead the victim to depression and anxiety. It can be very hard to be in a relationship where verbal abuse occurs and most times the victims even blame themselves for the abuse they are getting. If you are in an abusive relationship you must keep in mind that it is not your fault and you can actually do something to stop the emotional abuse.

We all know that everyone is different, commonly, there are silent type people and there are those loud mouth people. Usually, the silent type stays quiet in almost any situation and the loud person use his word, usually abusive, in expressing their thoughts and feelings. Verbal abuse in marriage may not be thought of as a kind of abuse at the start until it gets worse. Most times the victims do not even know that they are in an abusive relationship because they got used to all the yelling, the name-callings, and the deadly threats.

Most times, the words are meaningless anyway. And if you know for sure that they are not true anyway, then why be affected. People who have no control over their anger tend to be more abusive when they see that their words can easily affect their partners. As soon as you stop recognizing their words as true, they will stop. This way it is possible to stop verbal abuse in marriage.

Being able to express oneself is alright especially between couples. Any relationship should have open communications because it is important in forming a good marriage and maintaining the harmony for a long time. The importance of discussing issues together has always been pointed out by marriage and family counselors. Discussions are vital in avoiding the possibility of conflicts in a relationship.

If a partner has problems controlling his negative thoughts and usually throws or shouts unpleasant words to the other, then this could very well lead to a verbal abuse in marriage if this happens too often. As in the reality of life, it is often the wife who is the recipient of emotional abuse. The common reason why a spouse becomes verbally abusive is because of insecurities; sometimes they tend to make the other partner feel inferior to make up for the insecurities they are feeling inside.

The most common reaction of the recipient is to be discouraged and sometimes inadequate. But that should not be the case. The best weapon against verbal abuse in marriage is to avoid being affected. Marriage therapists suggest that the abused must have the courage to face up to the abuse and to stop internalizing the words and to simply think of them as normal to the abuser. Once you have made yourself immune to the unpleasant words, you will realize that you can easily handle the situation.

Going into counseling is the best way to deal with verbal abuse in marriage. You should convince your partner that you should go together because you want to make the marriage work. You may be asked about your partner’s history and you will be given advises on the proper action that you should take. You have to be aware that you can always seek help as soon as you think it’s necessary. Do not wait for the worse to come

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