Rewarding Good Behavior Help Save Marriage

In a marriage or relationship husband and wife should reward each other. Especially for the husband, because men like to be a reward and they need to be reward by their wives. That gives men confidence to do more for their wives. This simple action is very important to help save the marriage.

As a woman, you can reward anything a man did for you. You can choose what you want to reward. When a man is rewarded by doing certain things for you, they feel like their effort is recognized and they will do more. As a woman, this is also a very powerful technique to “change” the man. Man doesn’t like to be changed especially when the woman tells him what to do. So if you want to improve your relationship or save your marriage you should not change the man by telling him what to do.

Doesn’t this mean you have to bear with whatever he does? No, not at all. If a man does something you like you can reward him for doing such a thing. When he gets the reward he will know you like this and you will reward him, then he will continuously do more for you. And he will change gradually.

A reward doesn’t have to be a big thing. Anything small can also be a good reward. Give him a kiss, saying something nice to him, or lead to a bed romance. But make sure your reward is something he doesn’t get often. If you are already giving him a kiss every day, when you reward him a kiss it doesn’t mean anything special and he doesn’t feel like its reward. Because he gets it every day. You should also not to overdo one thing as the reward. Make some changes for reward. Anyway, your reward should be a little bit surprise for him and should be something he is always looking forward to having it.

Another point to remember is when you give him a gift or anything other things as a reward you should spend your time and effort to prepare it. He will be appreciating. For instance: your husband takes you out for a night and he gave you an exciting and adventure night you really liked it. As a reward, you could give him something memorable that he can keep it. Whenever he sees that gift he will think of that night. And of course next time he will try even harder to make a better date with you to please you. Because he is encouraged and with confidence.

Don’t just buy anything expensive for him without thinking. He will think you are just trying to buy his love. Men are especially sensitive about it. Every man wants to be strong and independent that woman can depend on him. Buying him expensive gift without thinking may also make him feel like he is depending on you.

Think about anything you want him to do and when he does it you reward him. Don’t overlook this simple action, it is very essential to help save the marriage.

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