5 Things To Know If You Are A Newbie in a Relationship


A new phase in your life with a special someone has begun. He/she is a breath of fresh air in your world and means so much to you. Of course, when you’re in the beginning of a relationship, all of it seems charming and pretty much everything else makes no sense to you.

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If you look at it this way, love is like a journey and all those fights you have are the various hurdles, barricades in it. In a relationship, getting engaged, being proposed, marrying is the milestones that you hit in the spring of life. I’ve used the word sprint because life is fast paced, especially these days.

Best is you bear the following advice in your mind.

No 1: Live the moment…

You must not think of what’s gonna happen in the future. Stop worrying about the possible bumps that you’re gonna encounter in your relationship or about how long this bond is going to last. Just let go and live in this exciting moment. For many of us, these few moments could do wonders and be the stepping stones for a brighter future. Feel special and thankful to be in your lover’s arms. All this is priceless. Money can buy everything else but not love, they say. It’s quite true as you will come to know.

No 2: Show your true color

So, you find yourself in the true love kinda situation. Now what? You’d definitely wanna keep this going on, wouldn’t you?

The important rule of ‘just being yourself’ applies here. In the course of wooing your partner, you shouldn’t change yourself. This is because in the long run they’ll eventually find out and would say to you, “You have changed a lot.” Read more: 3 Ways To Save Your Relationship


Remember you have to prioritize your partner, so as to keep your relationship going on.

You did just that. Still, he or she doesn’t seem that much into you. One reason may be that the person isn’t really emotionally attached to you. Then there’s no point of such kinda relationship in the first place. Of course, it’s hard to take this in. But eventually, both of you will reach a point which you’ll think you should’ve have avoided a long ago. Read more: Relationship Advice: Best Ways To Keep A Guy Interested In You

No 4: Surprise them

This has to be done, whether it’s about giving gifts to your partner or a new experiment in lovemaking. Everybody loves surprises. Humans are curious creatures by nature and it’s always good to keep your partner interested in you. Remember, even if your partner truly loves, he/she’d still get bored. Read more: Is He Into Me 10 Signs To Know If He Is Into You Even He Is Shy

No 5: Space

This particular element is often overlooked in relationships. This is also an important factor that could lead to a possible break-up scenario. Breaching your partner’s space will not only annoy them, it can also have serious implications which could, in turn, affect your relation. Sometimes it’s not about just the two of you. Give them their space too. If you intrude their space, they’ll find you paranoid.
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