A Womans Perspective - 5 Tips How to Improve Self-Confidence Around Men

Dating is an exciting ‘event’ for a woman. Well, for nearly every woman. For teenagers, this is an indication of womanhood. Hence, an invitation for a date is always awaited. However, when request for a date has come, women felt like falling to their knees. They started to panic – sort of. Their minds are occupied of so many thoughts – what will they wear, what should be their hairstyle, and even what would be the topics during conversations.

dating advice for women
Really, a date can be planned, but not what will happen during the affair. This thought decreases the confidence of women. A lowered self confidence will bring the woman and the man dating to the palace of boredom. You do not wish this to happen to you, do you? Well then, it is time to boost your self confidence before the ‘D’ day.

Wear a comfortable dress

Making yourself comfortable with your dress is the first thing to do. Choose a dress that will make you look attractive and feel at ease. Bear in mind, you must wear the clothes that say who you are. Like, if you are a conservative type, do not attempt to wear a revealing outfit just to look sexy. Your date can easily tell because you will not be able to focus.

Be who you are

Do not try to create any pretension. It will be easier for you to boost your self confidence if you are showing your date the real you. Speak how you speak, say what you feel, and act how you act. Men will appreciate you more for this. Read more: 10 Terrific Dating Tips for Womens

Share your part of the stories

Men like women who are good listeners – but they will also prefer good speakers. It will bore them to death if they end up talking all night, while you? You are just there as a listener. To conquer your fear of how to handling dating conversations, have a ‘bagful’ of stories with you. In this way, the flow of conversation is continuous. Read more: 7 Fruitful Powerful Relationship Tips

Smile – and laugh (if necessary)

Most of the time, putting on a smile on your face, and laughing with his jokes will make you feel comfortable; thereby, achieving self confidence.

Be relaxed and stay focused

You are helping yourself if you are relaxed. Do not flood your mind with so many thoughts. Stay focused. Forget about what is he supposedly thinking about you. Survive at the present time. Read more: 10 Top Dating Tips for Singles

Dating should not be nerve wracking for women. It should become enjoyable and fun. But, to be able to do this, you must make sure that you have enough self-confidence built before facing your date. This list will surely help you achieve that. After this first date, you will surely become an ‘expert’; hence, the next dates will be easy for you to handle. But, the end result of this number of dates should be your finding of your prince charming and finally settling for a serious relationship.
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