What Men Want From Women

Every man has his own needs, strengths, weaknesses and insecurities.  What men want from women can vary widely. I will try to list down some of the things that men want from women in this article.

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Men thrive on challenges.  They love to chase and if it something they can’t have, then they must have and will put in a lot of time and energy trying to get it.

Health is of utmost importance to men, physical and emotional All things beautiful attract a man. 

What men want from women is a beauty.  Bright and beautiful eyes, a good body which is not too fat or too thin, long and lustrous hair, clean and healthy body with minimal blemishes.

What men want from women is beauty and that description can vary from man to man.  After all, they do believe in the adage, “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

What men also want from women is honesty and implicit trust.  They want a woman who won’t sneak and cheat behind their backs.

Men want a woman who has similar interests and shares common passions.

Men want women to please them and put an effort to look their best. A woman must respect and appreciate her man’s profession. Read more: How to Deal With Verbal Abuse in Marriage

What men want from women is that they should not have inflated egos, they want their women to be a partner in the relationship, who will love him, care for him and will look after him, just as he does for her.

Men want a woman who has faith in him and his capabilities.  A woman who is strong, but not too long.  A woman, who can listen to him without nagging him unreasonably.

What men also want in a woman is a spirit of adventure.  One who does not shy away from challenges.  An intelligent and interest woman who can spar with him on various topics and is not submissive just to please him. Read more: 3 Reason Why Do Men Cheat

Men want women who will compliment them.  A woman, who has her own identity, is independent and can take care of herself without feeling the pressure of the relationship.

The debate of what men want in women has been going on for ages and is further fuelled by self-destructing feminists.  They only look at women’s point of view and conveniently forget men have their point of views too. 

Most countries have laws supporting women but none for men.  You will find support groups at every nook and corner for women, but what about men. Just because man is made stronger does not mean, he has no emotions. Men are more emotional but have groomed to repress their emotions from childhood.

The day women understand what men want in women, life will be easier, less stressful and happy all round. Just as women expect men to expect their needs and expectations, try putting in a little effort to understand your man’s need too. Men may give preference to physical attributes, but deep down, all they want is an emotional connection.

In today’s times, what men want in women is not only beauty but brains too. They will appreciate you as much as they appreciate their moms and grandmothers. All they want is a perfect relationship with a perfect woman.
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