3 Reasons Why Your Wife Had an Affair

You’re probably asking yourself all this kind of question Why did my wife cheat on me? Is it my fault that my wife was unfaithful? What could I have done to stop her from having an affair? Let’s get one thing straight: No matter how terrible of a husband you may have been there been never a situation where your wife deserves to have an affair.

3 Reasons Why Your Wife Had an Affair

No matter what, your wife should not have cheated on you.

No matter what, you should not have been forced to face her infidelity.

It’s not your fault. There’s nothing you could’ve done. She just  Cheated.

But this doesn’t really answer your question. Why did my wife cheat on me? I’ll like to answer some common questions about some cheating wives. You’re going to learn three of the most common reasons why women do cheat on their husbands.

3 Common Reasons Why Wives Cheat

Please note that these are only three of the hundreds of reasons that women can decide to cheat on their husbands. In fact, sometimes there is no reason at all. Some women just can’t maintain the sanctity of monogamy in marriage. It sounds terrible, but it’s true. It happens. I can’t say for sure what sent your wife down the path of a lying and cheating spouse.

I hope these reasons will help you to see what relationship or personality problems that led her to an affair, which will hopefully make it easier to survive infidelity and rebuild trust. Even though it’s hard empathy and forgiveness will be required to save your marriage.

Reason #1. She Thought She Was In Love With A Crush

Women are very emotional creatures. Almost every decision they make is based on their emotion, or on the way it makes them feel. For your wife, what feels right emotionally is also what makes the most sense logically. Not the other way around. So, she’s bored in the marriage, or unhappy, or whatever. She feels bad. What does she do?

Like any other human being Nothing at first. She waits to see if those feelings will go away. But, while she’s waiting she meets someone, Someone she finds herself quite attracted to. Two months later your wife still hasn’t made any real effort to improve your marriage however she has been improving her relationship with this her friend. She has a crush. As time goes on and her resolve weakens, her feelings for this other man become stronger. Then it’s simply a matter of time. Women are all about feeling. This affair happens when those feelings convince her that the infidelity is the right thing to do. A charming new man usually helps speed along the process. Read more: 7 Fruitful Powerful Relationship Tips

Reason #2. She Was Bored in Her Marriage & Cheating Was Easy

Boredom is part of marriage. That’s not a bad thing, it’s just the way it is. All relationships have their ups and downs. Unfortunately, our society tells us that being in love should be fun all the time. We live in an era of unreasonable expectations. It should come as no surprise that newlyweds are more likely to cheat. They haven’t yet experienced any boredom in their relationship or marriage. They automatically assume the marriage was built on sham-love. The affair happens soon after.

The point is this – Boredom can easily lead to strong feelings of dissatisfaction.

If your wife doesn’t fix that dissatisfaction by making any effort to fix your marriage boredom, or if you don’t get your wife back from that boredom, then she will turn to other relationships for that satisfaction she desires.For her, having an affair is easier and more pleasurable than fixing the problems in your marriage, or making an effort to rekindle lost love. Read more: 10 Terrific Dating Tips for Womens

Reason #3. The New Age Woman is Entitled

All her friends are doing it. I’m willing to bet a few of your friends are, too.Marriage is quickly losing its sanctity. Divorce and infidelity rates are the highest that they’ve ever been 35% to 40% of women have cheated or will and 45 to 50% of men have cheated or will sometime in their lives.

There’s a trend in most popular infidelity-related websites, forums, and other online communities that have women proudly proclaiming that they cheat on their husbands and that they’re happy to do it. They say to women just like your wife, “Live a little! Why should men be the only ones who get to have fun? Read more: 4 Ways to Put Sparks Back in a Relationship

Entitlement has become one of the key factors associated with cheating.What Can You Do About it Depends on whether or not you still want to save your marriage? I will be 100% upfront – a cheating wife is grounds for divorce. Tell yourself the truth; is this something you can recover from? Divorce may be the best route. As they say, “once a cheater, always a cheater.”

If you haven’t found a suitable answer to “Why did my wife cheat on me?” then proceed with caution. However, if you want to save your marriage, then I encourage you to take things into your own hands.
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