8 Reason Why Some Husbands Dont Sleep in the Same Bedroom With Their Wives

It may surprise you that some husbands don’t sleep in the same bedroom with their wives as much as their wives would love them too. Ask such husbands if they love their wives, or if they are in good term with them and they would answer ‘Yes’.Why would the husband sleep in the different bedroom?

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8 Reason why some men don’t sleep in the same bedroom with their wives

1. Snoring wife: Nobody loves to be disturbed and robbed of his precious time of rest especially after a hectic day’s job. So some men simply look for flimsy excuses to sleep in a separate bedroom.

2. Body odor: Some people, unfortunately, have body odor that is really disgusting, and men being gifted with a very good sense of smell may find a way out of this torment by taking solace in a different bedroom. Read more: 8 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Alive

3. Mouth odor (Halitosis): Mouth odor otherwise known as halitosis in medical parlance is when a person has a foul-smelling breath. Sleeping in the same bed would mean that the man receives the foul smell direct into his nostrils as the woman breathes it out. Such a man may look for the alternative option by sleeping in the separate bedroom.

4. Excessive sex demand: Some women are insatiable when it comes to sex; and when a husband discovers that trying to meet her continual demand for sex is going to endanger his life he tactically withdraws from that room to another room and periodically comes to sleep with her when he has the strength. Read more: The Easiest Way To Impress A Guy

5. Excessive heat: This is a problem for couples that are very fat and generate heat a lot. It’s either the wife is too fat or the husband is too fat or both of them are. Fat produces much heat and that could make it very uncomfortable for both of them to sleep on the same bed.

6. Uncontrollable movement when sleeping: Some people have the problem of sleeping too deep and having excessive body movement in the process. The partner finds it very difficult to sleep because from time to time he’s either punched or pushed off the bed. When the man does not get enough sleep due to this problem he’s likely to find an alternative.

7. The absence of true love: When a man does not truly love his wife he finds fault that otherwise should not exist where there is love. So when he begins to look for reasons to sleep outside the room it might be that he does not love his wife.

8. Secret deals: Men could sometimes get involved in secret deals that they don’t wish their spouse to know. Some men may belong to a secret cult that demands they should carry out rituals at the certain time of the night; sleeping in the same room with their wives would not allow them to keep this secret so they find excuses to have their private bedrooms. Some men also have a secret date which means that they may be getting unexpected midnight calls from their secret lovers. So to avoid dramas they hide from their wives by securing their personal bedroom.

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