Will God Save My Marriage

Will God save my marriage? Many people ask this question every day in search of an answer. Well, the answer really depends on if you are religious or not. If you are, then you can pray and ask, and hope He will help. However, if you are not, then you wouldn’t do those things. But.. there are three things both the religious and nonreligious can do that will help no matter what the conditions are.

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I remember back when I was in this same situation. My wife and I were near a break-up in our marriage. I came across these three tips previously mentioned, and once used, everything changed… for the better that is! So can these tips really work for you too? Implement and see:

Think back to when you’re relationship first started. Now ask yourself how things have changed? How are things different than they were back then? Let’s look at an example, maybe you used to take him/her out on dates to the movies or dinner every Friday night, but you have stopped now. You can’t lose time for the two of you, and you’ve got to constantly make an effort not to. Try hard to implement this one. Read more: 8 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Alive

Now, how much time do the two of you get to spend together? Maybe it’s hardly ever, or perhaps it’s not very much. Either way, you’ve got to find a good middle. If you see them all the time, make some time for your friends. If you don’t see them enough, make a strong effort to plan a date. This one goes back to the first tip.

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This last one is very important and occurs to many married couples. How often do you tell them you love them? And I mean truly tell them, not the quick “Love ya'” before you go to work. Remember, tell them that you love them often.
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