3 Tips Why Do Women Break Up With Men The Shocking Truth

The fact is women don’t like breaking up with men any more than men enjoy breaking up with women. But there are certain things that most women just won’t tolerate for long. You may be shocked to know that it usually has nothing to do with money or looks. By knowing why do women break up with men, you can keep from getting dumped or possibly salvage a relationship that she has already broken off.

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Reasons women break up with men…

Family Potential:

If you are still living the bachelor lifestyle this is a red flag for many women. Being responsible, considerate and talking about the future goes a long way to making a woman feel secure about your future together.

Too Needy:

Guys, you probably don’t like it when a woman you’re dating is constantly clinging to you, wondering where you’ve been, saying “I love you” every 5 minutes and jumping every time you need something. There’s a difference between being caring and being obsessed (or being a doormat.) Being needy always pushes a woman away. It's just a matter of time before she bails. A woman wants someone who is strong and independent but still makes her feel special.

Ignoring Her:

This may sound like a contradiction from the last tip which says you can’t be too needy. But ignoring her is the other extreme that is destined to end in being dumped. You have to let her know that she is #1… if you don’t she’ll find someone who will! This means you may have to tone down those late nights out with the boys, the golfing every weekend or zoning out in front of the PlayStation. If your work is keeping you away, you’re still going to have to compromise… sorry guys, I know freedom is something we all cherish, but you’re going to have to make her a priority too. I’m not suggesting giving up the things you love or to be irresponsible. With a little creativity and planning, you’ll be surprised how well you can balance your life between relationship, career, friends, activities, etc. I’ve already been dumped… is there anything I can do?

Why do women break up with men? As you can see, it rarely has anything to do with money or looks and more to do with matters of the heart. Maybe you’ve been guilty of some of these behaviors. Can you still win her back? The good news is that yes, of course, you can salvage your relationship. People get back together all the time. The key is to not get pushy, demanding or show ANY neediness. Chill out on calling her for a while. Under no circumstances try to sell yourself or argue about the breakup. Act like you’re cool with everything. Remember, it’s human nature to pull away if someone is pushing. Avoid these common mistakes and your chances of getting back together can be quite high.
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