5 Biggest Erogenous Zones Where to Touch a Man to Turn Him On

Don’t you want to please your man all with the touch of your hand? Don’t you want to get him so aroused to the point where he is on the brink of orgasm? Do you want to be the best he has ever had? If so, you need some help.
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You need to learn where to touch a man to turn him on. You need to learn some tips so you can give him the kind of arousal that leads to an amazing orgasm. The only way that you are going to accomplish this is to learn more about his 5 biggest erogenous zones.

The first zone that you need to focus on is his lips. Kissing a man really goes a long way and when you give him that passionate make-out session, you can turn him on in a matter of seconds. Kissing is something that a lot of men love, even if they don’t say it. For some men, there is nothing better than a good make-out session to get them in the mood. Feeling your lips on his and feeling your tongue in his mouth will certainly turn him on.

The second place to touch a man to turn him on is his back. Feeling your nails scratching up and down his back will certainly get his blood pressure rising and it will also get other things rising as well. The skin on his back is tough but when your nails dig into it, it sends chills and shivers all up and down his spine.

The third place where you should touch your man to turn him on is his ears. This spot of his body is often overlooked and it is a shame because you can do so much with this spot on his body. With his ears, you can kiss them, lick them, bite them and especially, whisper to them. Whispering sexy dirty talk into his ear will definitely get him aroused and hard in a matter of seconds.

The fourth erogenous zone that you often overlook would be his thighs. There are so many nerve endings in his thighs and they are actually very sensitive. Kissing him here or allowing your fingers to graze over his thighs will certainly drive him crazy and get him turned on.

The final spot to touch your man to turn him on is on his lower stomach because this is so close to his penis. When you kiss him or bite him here, you tease him and make him think about what is to come next. This builds up the anticipation in his body and gets him hard in no time at all.

Turn your man on today by using some of these techniques and by touching him where you have never touched before. how to seduce your friend
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