When Should Dirty Talking Text Messages Be Sent

So you just met a girl while at a bar, concert or some other public place. The exchange between you two carried on for a while, with the culmination of phone numbers being exchanged. Now you have her number so you can call, set up a date, and go out again. But you have this desire to see how she reacts to dirty talking text messages. Is this too soon? It all depends on the girl and on how that first encounter played out.

dirty talking messages

It’s better to save the dirty talk text messages after at least one date. The confident (maybe too much so) among us can attest to certain boundaries being broken if we jump into steamy texts before we really know a girl. For those who have a budding relationship with a girl, the art of sex texting can be something worth exploring. The gutsy men may try a dirty text early on, but it works much better if the woman instigates the early exchanges.

Later in the relationship after some few dates, dirty talking text messages can actually set in to help to lay the groundwork for a healthy sexual relationship. Here’s a revelation for those who may be apprehensive about the practice: sexual partners tend to talk about sex. If you don’t want to have sex with a girl, then don’t send dirty texts to her. It’s simple, right?

Before a first date would be too soon to send steamy texts, but after a few dates would be ideal. The real determining factor should be the girl’s interest in the guy or vice-versa. If she hasn’t let the guy kiss her, then it’s likely not a good match. She needs to have some sort of chemistry showing on the first couple of dates. If the message in person says to stay away, then the dirty text messages will likely be the logjam in the river of love. But if all the cues are there that she wants to take the relationship further, then sending the dirty texts may just push the two love canoes into the bubbling, rushing river of love.

A buddy of mine used to get girls numbers by begging, borrowing, or stealing. He didn’t care. His only agenda was to send sexual messages to the girls until they blocked him or asked him over. The curiosity these girls showed told me one thing in particular. Women do like dirty texts. In fact, many of them like them a lot, especially if the guy uses his brain and entices her with compliments, his own thoughts, and a bit of imagination. Get some history with the girl, then let the dirty talking text messages be the guide to romantic evenings together.

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