5 Tips for Overcoming Jealousy in Your Relationship

Maybe you have a really popular boyfriend? The school hunk? Or maybe your girlfriend is the hottest chick in school? Does everyone flirt with her? And she flirts back? How do you react… Well not brilliantly. Your jealousy shines through and you are close to ruining your relationship. One of the major causes of relationship breakups is one of the partners being jealous of the other.

jealousy couple marriage
Follow these 5 tips for overcoming jealousy and you sure will put your relationship back on track:

1. The first tip for overcoming jealousy is to look at whether or not you are overreacting. Look how other partners treat one another. Do they flirt with other people? YES! Flirting is a healthy past time for most people to allow your partner to do it. Provided that they are not putting their tongue down someone else’s throat or putting their hands down someone else’s trousers then is there really an issue here? It sounds crude and to the point, but this is the only way you are going to overcome your jealousy.

2. Be your partner! Yes, you’re probably reading that thinking “What?!?! How will that help?” It will actually help you to understand that how they act is completely harmless. If they talk to people of the opposite gender, then you do it too and you will soon realize that this is just normal.

3. Are you jealous because of something that happened in the past? Did a past partner cheat on you and you are now affected by what happened and think that everyone else will do it to you? Yes? Well, STOP RIGHT THERE! Has your current partner given you any reason for you to feel that they would cheat on you? Have you seen them with another person doing ‘things’ they should not? I highly doubt it and if this is the reason for your jealousy, then stop.

4. One of the other causes of jealousy is if you have cheated on your partner in the past. If you did then you may be thinking to yourself that your partner will do the same to you to get even. Look at it this way: If you cheated on him or her and they are still with you, then they must love you. If they love you this much then will they really cheat on you? No, they will not. You made a BIG mistake when you cheated in the first place so for them to still be with you is something extremely special so don’t go pushing them away and start overcoming jealousy you may have because of YOUR OWN MISTAKE!

5. If none of the above four tips for overcoming jealousy help, then try this as a last resort. Speak to your partner, and ask if they can tone down their flirting and their affectionate behavior towards others. It may not be a way for overcoming jealousy, but it can put you at ease.
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