What Scents Attract Men To Women

In the game of attraction, a woman needs to learn how she can use a man’s senses in order to charm him. The sense of smell, for example, can be a powerful tool by which a woman can draw a man’s attention. She needs to know what scents attract men and understand how an odour can elicit the sexual response from them.

sense of smell nice odour

A girl may appear better looking for a guy if she smells great. Indeed, the smell has a potent power on men. If a woman could use a scent that will remind a man of pleasurable events, she will certainly be noticed by him. Below are the odours that can bring out physical and sexual responses from males. It is interesting to know that not only perfumes can attract men, but also odours that are related to food.


The sweet smell of this spice is indeed among the odours that men love. In fact, the spice itself is considered as a potent aphrodisiac. It shares similarity with our very own pheromones or sexual secretion. Add a few drops of cinnamon oil in your bath and soak your body in its delicious fragrance. Men are attracted to the cinnamon scent of baked foods. The distinct sweet smell of cinnamon comes from cinnamaldehyde (oily, yellowish liquid) that is produced when the bark is crushed. Other chemical components contribute to the complex aroma of the spice, like linalool, cineole and eugenol.


This is another is considered as another natural aphrodisiac. It is the scent that mainly attracts men. It was used since the early 1700s are a physician-recommended treatment for male impotence. It also smells sweet like cinnamon that has a euphoric effect that sets a man’s sensual mood. It is also versatile in a way that it can be used in a number of ways. Any man who can smell you wearing a vanilla scent will be instantly reminded of fresh foods in the kitchen. Just browse through the skin care section of a personal hygiene store and you will certainly find a lot of cosmetic products like lotions, creams, soaps, even candles and air fresheners that are vanilla-scented.


The plant itself has 180 chemical contents. The fragrance emitted by lavender is also sweet, but with other distinct characteristics like hay-like, fruity and green. There are studies proving that this odour can generally arouse men and help them in fighting impotence. Like other scents, lavender has been used since the ancient years, particularly by Cleopatra when she tried to seduce Mark Anthony and Julius Caesar. Like vanilla, you may also purchase various skin care and cosmetic products that contain lavender scent. Lavender may even be combined with the odour of pumpkin pie to create a more potent effect.

Rose Hip

Rosehip oil has also been used since the ancient days for many different purposes. These days, this oil is added to shampoo products to make them smelling gorgeous. It has a light smell and somewhat tangy aroma that will make any man compliment you on your lovely smelling hair.


Again, men are attracted to odours that remind them of heavenly treats in the kitchen. Next time you go shopping, check out some oatmeal body washes and soaps and use them on your next bath.attracting men.
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