5 Tips For a Healthy Relationship

Here are my top 5 relationship tips for having and maintaining a healthy relationship:

1) Learn to communicate effectively: This is probably the most important tip of them all because, without good couple’s communication, the rest can go “south” pretty quickly.

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2) Educate yourself about emotional safety: “emotional safety ” is one of the cornerstones of my couples counseling work. People have slightly different ideas about what this means and I have a pretty specific definition that can be found in an article I wrote here: Basically, the more emotionally safe couples feel together – the more connected they are.

3) Maintain relationship balance: relationships are like two overlapping circles with the middle section representing the “relationship” and the outer rings representing the “individuals” in the relationship. Usually, the healthiest relationships are those where there is attention paid to all parts but couples will probably have slightly different versions of what works for them – which is ok!

4) Check in With Each Other: Life is so hectic these days that a lot of couples forget to check in with each other. Kids, jobs, friends, bills…the list of distractions can go on and on. I encourage couples to plan at least one time a week where they know they can spend the uninterrupted time to be together to check in. “How are you? What’s going on?” It’s amazing how easy it can be to forget to do this and the distance between two people can slowly grow.

5) Don’t forget to laugh: Humor is the great conflict de-escalator and a wonderful release. I’m always encouraged by couples I’m working with who laugh a lot, have private jokes, pet names for each other or whatever! If you lighten up on your relationship it will pay great dividends. healthy relationship tips.
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