What Does A Woman Want In Man

When I was growing up as a young undergraduate, something used to bother my mind so terribly that I would be wondering whether it will be easy for me to settle down as a married man and have a family of my own.

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What used to bother my mind back then has its root in the topic of this post, ‘what does a woman want in a man?’ Each time I heard this question thrown to any young lady, the kind of response I usually hear saddens me.

If you take a sample of a hundred Single ladies, the reply of about 90% of them will include but not limited to these six words… Caring,  Young,  Handsome,  Dark, Tall and Rich. Having this in mind, I would sit back and think about it… What Does A Woman Want In Man.  do these ladies really know what they want?. Because Men that would meet all these requirements may not be very easy to come by.

However, if you now take a sample of another hundred married women, you will discover that 50% of them did not really get married to the man who actually meets all these imaginary criteria, but is still happily married. At the time, the handful that might have counted themselves lucky for getting married to the man of their choice, may not necessarily be happy in their marriage

In view of the foregoing, what does a woman really want in a Man? Or rather, what are the most important qualities a woman should look out for in a Man? I think it is now important for the happily married Women to sit back and ask themselves this question again. I hope they now know better and should be able to answer this question objectively. I am very sure their answers would now be different from what it used to be in those days of ‘ignorance’

Having settled down as a married Man with two children, I now know there should not have been any cause for alarm about those ‘Imaginary Criteria’ of those days.

Lastly, in my own personal opinion, what I think a woman really need in a man is these two words ‘Love and care” which are all-encompassing. With the woman also giving same in return, the home would definitely be a happy home
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